Indian Long Pepper is known to have huge benefits. Slightly longer than the actual pepper that is abundantly available, it can help you control the diabetics while maintaining the sugar levels. Long Pepper helps you in controlling the vitals of the body. Apart from that, the list of Long Pepper benefits is long. It can prevent you from the liver ailments so that you don’t have to be confronted with diseases like jaundice.

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Pippali for weight loss:

Most of the search questions of Long Pepper on Google Chrome revolver around ‘Long Pepper for Weight Loss’. Yes, it can be used for weight loss because it can increase the metabolic rate of the person. It is an aphrodisiac which can bring both libido and vitality that you have lost while keeping you safe from the bacterial/viral infections.

Benefits of Long:

Long Pepper Powder can help in getting rid of cramps, helps in the prevention of erectile dysfunction. If you consume long pepper on regular basis, it can also improve your skeletal health while improving the bone strength. For women, who suffer during their menstruation, long pepper not only helps in regular blood flow but it can also make the cycles, easier. It is known for relieving the migraine headaches, toothaches, oxygen flow in the body. People who are suffering from epilepsy, cholera can consume Pippali Powder, you will experience a speedy recovery. The minute Benefits of Long Pepper include fighting against cold/ a cough, reducing fever, improving the respiration and enhancing the digestion.

What is Long Pepper (Pippali):

Long Pepper, is scientifically known as Pippali. It is a unique spice, available in the arsenal. Long Pepper is actually a fruit of the plant, Piper Longum and therefore, can be consumed in the raw form. The reason why it has become so prominent is that it is extremely beneficial to your health even when it does not ripen.

Pippali Benefits – How to use?

Pippali, when in the unripened stage is plucked from the plant and is dried under the sun. In the slight shade, it is used to prepare the Ayurvedic medicine because of the tremendous benefits.

Nutritional Value of Pippali:

Long Pepper is extremely rich in Beta-Sitosterol, Analgesic and also Alkaloids. It also has extreme amounts of Eugenol, Piperine, Glycosides, Sugar, Resins, Essential oils, Saturated Fat, Myrcene, Quercetin, Terpenoids, Slyvatine, Triacontane, and Piplartine. All of these ingredients are essential compounds which help in the better functionality of your body.

Cultivation of Long Pepper (Pippali):

As the name says, the Long Pepper has come from the Indian subcontinent, going in many hilly terrains. According to the ancient Ayurvedic text, Pippali has been in existence for so long. It did not only prevail in India, but it has been used for many reasons on the global level. Especially in the countries of Greece, Rome, and Spain dating back to the 6th century.

Pippali is known to be the most known spice as it got traded between merchants and travelers of the world. This spice got discovered among people, who came as visitors to India which is why it is now found in all the parts of the world.

Long Pepper – Pippali Powder Benefits:

  1. Long Pepper cures diabetes: Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that is happening to every alternative person on the earth. The glucose levels and the blood levels of the people are either considered as high/low; leading to many issues like kidney failure, organ amputation, and even heart strokes. Patients who are suffering from diabetes can keep it in check by eating long pepper. As we all know that there is no cure/solid treatment for diabetes; it can be used as a home remedy for diabetes for a long time. It also can regulate the sugar levels in the blood creating a manageable situation.
  2. Long Pepper helps in fighting against bacterial infections: Pippali powder is known to have antibacterial properties. In our daily lives, we witness a lot of bacteria around us and we can’t really shield our bodies form it all the time. Therefore, the only thing that we can do is guard our body against these bacterial so that there won’t be any infections that occur. Pippali fruit helps in protecting our body from these infections and also because of the anti-amoebic properties it has; it improves the immunity of the body. Ingesting the Pippali herb can provide an extra protection coat to your body.
  3. Pippali Benefits for Weight Loss: In case if you’re wondering, how to use Pippali Powder for weight loss? Here’s how. Either use Pippali with honey for weight loss or Pippali powder for weight loss to witness extraordinary results. As humans of today generation, we are constantly exposed to lots of junk food which is why we are being accustomed to eat unhealthy food and gain weight. This world is obsessed with weight loss not only because of the body image but also because of the beauty standards. Long pepper allows you to reduce the fat in the body by enabling you in getting rid of the fatty toxins. Unlike the artificial medication, keto diets or drugs; it won’t show adverse consequences on your health, promoting weight loss.

Long pepper Medicinal Uses:

  1. Long Pepper is an aphrodisiac: What is an aphrodisiac if you ask? An aphrodisiac is usually a food or a drug, which can cause the sexual desire in people while enhancing the libido of the person. This long pepper is known to have the properties, which is why it can be used to increase the sexual drive of a person. It helps in calming your body down while providing a tinge or relaxation to it. Because of its composition, it is used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and also for longevity.
  2. Long Pepper prevents ailments: In order to be healthy, it is equally important to have a healthy liver. It is important for the functionality of the digestive system given how the hormones and enzymes work. Liver problems are pretty common in this world because of the foods that we consume. Eating ready to eat, processed foods make things difficult for them. Long Pepper is known to have components which can protect the liver so that all the toxins that are contained in it can be filtered from time to time.
  3. Long Pepper improves the Oxygen Flow: If you want your organs to work at the maximum potential, it is mandatory to make sure that they are receiving adequate oxygen. When they can’t receive enough oxygen, they turn to blow and will create complications. Most of the organ failures, heart strokes and sepsis are formed because of the irregular flow of oxygen. The main reason why we get headaches/body aches is that they help in the stimulation of the organs and brains.
  4. Long Pepper improves skeletal health: Having strong bones will increase the strength of your body. Long pepper doesn’t only increase the strength of your body but it also helps in strengthening the bone and as well as the skeletal system. As a result, your entire health will be elevated, making you feel safer and stronger. People who have weaker bones can be prone to fractures while the ones with stronger bones can be more resistant.
  5. Long Pepper is good for the menstrual cycle: Most of the teenagers today are suffering from menstrual issues. The phenomenon of menstrual problems has been irritating women for quite a time. Pippali can be used to curb the menstrual flow while helping women stand still against the cramps. It can combat PMS and as well as other fatigue-related issues as well. Long Pepper is also safe to use for pregnant women because it helps them in the uterus contractions. If you’re having a complex delivery, Long Pepper can spice things up for the baby and help in producing a healthy baby in such cases.

How does Long Black Pepper work?

Indian long pepper contains Piperine, a chemical which helps people in fighting against various drastic health conditions. Piperine is known to enable you to fight against parasites that are known for infecting people. According to science, it is also known for changing the intestine of the person. Because of this change of the lining, drugs that are taken orally get absorbed by the body, easily.

General Uses of Long Pepper:

Pippali benefits are just too long. It can be termed as a host to the uses if we are talking about the Ayurvedic medicine. Apart from that, Pippali Churna can be used in the cooking not only to bring the taste and flavor but also to increase the overall vitality of the body. An interesting fact is that it is even used in many flavored drinks to bring the spice. Apart from the Pippali powder benefits that are listed above, it can provide various other uses as well. It can be used as an instant remedy for headaches. It can be used for indigestion, which is why it is widely used to treat diarrhea. It can help people with asthma, as well as bronchitis as well. People who are in a coma can be given this, for a speedy recovery. Fortunately, Indian pepper can be used to enhance the skin, fight the aging as well as refrain yourself from the strokes.

Side-Effects of Long Pepper:

Indian Pepper is an organic herb and can be used naturally as a home remedy. It will not pose threats to the body without any side effects. There won’t be any remarkable changes after you start consuming it. In case if you’re using it for the first time; you can perform a patch test so that you can feel extremely comfortable and secure about using it.

Finally, Long Pepper is one of the best herbs to use. It helps you in a wide range of things. However, if you’re using it to spice things up; you should rather consult a doctor so that there won’t be any sexual complications. Based on the sexual health, you can decide whether to use it or whether not to use it. Best way to consume the long pepper is by including it in your diet. That being said, buy it and use it for various purposes, immediately.